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I have coached high-level leaders and management teams of these companies:

BCR, Auchan Romania, Adient Croatia, Adient Trim Pitești, Lidl Romania, Veoneer, Vodafone Romania, Rompetrol, Routier European Transport, Profi Rom Food, Skanska, Renault Romania, Savvy, Atlas, Edenred, Blue River, Play Solutions, PORR, KPMG, Enea, Consiliul Concurenței Romania, Carrefour, Cargo Partner Austria, Romstal


“I have had George as a coach for my transition from Sales and Marketing Director to CEO position and it was amazing. Once you find a fit, George immediately creates the ‘sacred’ safe place where the magic happens and the most insightful, reflecting and rewarding learning experiences take place. He will stretch you out from your comfort zone while his capacity to empathise and create positive emotional memories will leave a long-lasting learnings. He is very well structured, logical and possesses diverse knowledge on various topics with vast capacity to quickly switch between them. Undoubtedly, having him as a coach was one of the most rewarding experiences for me. Hence my strong recommendation for him.” (Chief Executive Officer)


“He does not give up on the more difficult challenges of his clients, and he is not delivering a predefined standard approach.” (Certified independent board member and seasoned finance and general management executive)


“George is great coach that I have been working with for 2 years now. His coaching has been really rewarding as I have significantly improved my communication and leadership skills. The coaching sessions with George are sometimes “painful” but he knows how to push me to the edge which at the end moves me one step higher in achieving my personal development goals. His ability to quickly and even better than me spot the deeper root causes on specific behaviors accelerated my personal and professional growth achieving the work-life balance which I did not have. The transformation process that I went through fully supported by George’s listening and reflection skills was quite intensive and I usually refer to it as “old” and “new” Katarina. The advantage that he worked with my full team on personal and team level was great advantage in the process and achieved results. We managed to decrease our team entropy from 8% to 4% which was significant improvement. What is more important, the “new ways of work” that we implemented in our work as a team are consistent and we kept them even today.”(Multi Plant Director, International Automotive Manufacturing Group)



“I met George about 10 years ago. Back then he was a trainer, teaching a course about creativity. It was one of the trainings where the time passed without feeling it and I left with clear, useful ideas that I still apply in my everyday life.

Then to my positive surprise, a year ago, we started a collaboration in which he is my coach.  We “travelled” together for a very interesting period of time in my professional life, in which he managed to direct me in towards the goals, habits and way of thinking, that I missed somehow before.

If you are looking for a pragmatic, result-oriented coach who challenges you to do, to think and the most important –  change…. He is the right man!” (Corporate Sales Director)

“George has the notable ability to ask the right questions to provoke deep self-reflection, which ultimately will lead to positive change.” (Chief Financial Officer)


“In a one-hour coaching session, I could understand how skillfully George can connect with your heart and mind, guiding a steep journey with solid coherence, passion, and depth.” (Managing director)


“He is the kind of coach who offers you things you didn’t expect; he surprised me in every session. Very creative and sharp in thinking, he helped me put my thoughts in order and get closer to who I am.” (Managing director)


“Sometimes we have the chance to meet people who have the gift to make us see deep inside us. I met George.” (National Sales Manager)


“He helped me to identify the patterns that blocked me and how to create focus by identifying and eliminating the accumulations that fed those blocks.” (Owner and executive manager)

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

George Bragadireanu

Master Certified Coach ICF
I help high-level leaders optimize their thinking and behavior to get the results they want.

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