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Get out of your way™

The mentor coaching program for ICF credential preparation

1. WHY

Are you preparing to apply for your first ICF credential, renew your existing credential, or seek your next credential level?

2. HOW

We will co-create a plan comprised of one or more of these:

  1. Send me session recordings of yours and jointly evaluate them
  2. Study the ICF code of ethics and the PCC markers
  3. Reading the relevant books on the topic
  4. Deliberate practice of specific competencies
  5. Demo coaching me, recording it, and debriefing it
  6. Demo coaching you, recording it, and debriefing it
  7. Watching and rewatching coaching sessions that passed ICF MCC, PCC, and ACC performance evaluations (mine and others)
  8. Directly coaching your competencies which are in the blind spots
  9. Psychotherapy sessions (external supplier of your choice), along the mentor coaching ones.



Coaching preparation

I have been an MCC since April 2022.

Eleven years ago, in 2011, I started my first ICF school of coaching (Performance Consultants International, Sir John Whitmore, London), which lasted until 2013.

In 2013 I started an NLP+psychotherapy coaching school which lasted until 2016.

In 2014 I also begun a third coaching school, this time an ICF-accredited one – Integral Coaching Canada, Ken Wilber – finalized in 2016.

Many specializations interwove during the same time: systemic team coaching – AoEC, existential coaching with Animas Coaching School, logotherapy (Viktor Frankl Institute USA), values assessment and coaching (Richard Barrett Values Center), transpersonal coaching (also PCI London), stakeholders-centered coaching with Marshall Goldsmith, coaching assessor with the ICF.

What’s next? Enneagram Integrative9 coaching certification, Henley’s Professional Certificate in Team, Board and Systemic Coaching, IMD’s Executive Coaching Certificate, and a continuation of Viktor Frankl Institute’s logotherapy courses up to the Diploma level.

Coaching practice

My coaching practice started in 2011, and until 2019 I barely coached for 800 hours. In the eight years that passed, I was mostly studying coaching and testing various tools and frameworks. The money came primarily from training corporate managers in the science and art of coaching, leadership, and creativity/ innovation (expertise subjects for me.) In 2019 I quit the training domain for good and dedicated to coaching only.

MCC Certification

During 2019 but mostly 2020 and 2021, I designed and executed a strategic business+certification plan finalized with:

  1. > 1700 coaching hours;
  2. 5-6 figure coaching business;
  3. certification as an MCC.

The main reasons for you to consider me as your potential ICF mentor coach would be:

  1. I am a coaching practician and theoretician, not only the later.
  2. I passed the MCC certification exam in one take – two great recordings sent, both approved with no resends.
  3. I am living from coaching; it is my business, way of being, and sole job.
  4. I succeeded in having 900 coaching hours a year two years in a row, based on a strategic plan.
  5. I succeeded in getting out of my way – which was the way of controlling, validating and improvisation in coaching by strategically focusing on what mattered, not what was pleasing.
  6. I have many various perspectives of coaching.



Getting out of your way™ is the mentor coaching program co-created by you and me.

  • 30′ Get to know each other
  • 50′ Our formal and informal contract (Session 1)
    • Initial Self-Evaluation
  • 50′ x 8 Curricula jointly developed and co-created (Session 2 – Session 9)
    • Inter-session work: coaching, recordings, deliberate practice, reading, studying
    • Final Self-Evaluation
  • 50′ Closure (Session 10)

I am lucky to connect with George during my PCC journey. George impressed me most with his sensitive insights and provoking question to create lots of awareness! I have double harvest from our practice: my coaching skill was enhanced and my personal challenges were addressed! Moreover, George is also a amazing mentor to share lots of coaching tips and recommendations. Appreciated very much, George! (PCC Coach)


George’s professional background in financial services and his executive coaching practice are a good fit for me. He has a way of helping me move beyond my head and my thinking brain, once that work is done, into the more spacious “essence” where meaning, identity and values come up. The effects of this integrated approach to coaching stay with you.

(PCC Coach)



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