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Leadershiplan™: Measurable Visible Individual Leadership Behaviour Change


Leadershiplan™ is the behavioral change coaching framework aiming at measurable increased performance for executives and their teams.


For executive leaders aiming at optimizing their behaviour based on stakeholders input.


  1. based on the motivation and goal achievement psychology
  2. targeting measurable behavioral change

3. HOW

  • Online [offline when possible]
  • Regular 1-on-1’s to define and clarify goals and strategies of action and to measure progress
  • Weekly brief feedback and feedforward with selected stakeholders
  • 360° monthly pulse feedback and feedforward with Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centred surveys – like this one


I am ready to offer you my provocative presence and a confidential space-time to jointly identify, clarify and make steps toward your aims.

“He does not give up on the more difficult challenges of his clients, and he is not delivering a predefined standard approach.” (Certified independent board member and seasoned finance and general management executive)

“George has the notable ability to ask the right questions to provoke deep self-reflection, which ultimately will lead to positive change.” (Chief Financial Officer)


“In a one-hour coaching session, I could understand how skillfully George can connect with your heart and mind, guiding a steep journey with solid coherence, passion, and depth.” (Managing director)


“He is the kind of coach who offers you things you didn’t expect; he surprised me in every session. Very creative and sharp in thinking, he helped me put my thoughts in order and get closer to who I am.” (Managing director)


“Sometimes we have the chance to meet people who have the gift to make us see deep inside us. I met George.” (National Sales Manager)


“He helped me to identify the patterns that blocked me and how to create focus by identifying and eliminating the accumulations that fed those blocks.” (Owner and executive manager)

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

George Bragadireanu

Master Certified Coach ICF
I help high-level leaders optimize their thinking and behavior to get the results they want.

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