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A single image + 5 short sentences explaining what’s integral innovation.


Image: Upper Left Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and innovation are sparked if employees believe they are creative, curious and playful in nding solutions to an ardent problem which they consider is theirs. As a leader, you have to get people to trust their natural creativity. Upper Right Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and innovation are sparked...

Innovation is dangerous! Handle with care!


3 things no one tells you about business innovation (the innovation conspiracy) Warning: these are some worrying thoughts from the “conspiracy theory of innovation” point of view. Think of them as a creative technique to brush up our worn out thinking of business innovation . WARNING SIGN #1: Innovation appears where engagement is unleashed Maybe the best way to have a solid business...

The Yin and Yang of Creativity


The Yin and Yang of Creativity Why do human males have nipples? The consensus right now is that male nipples are a relic of a human development stage when the embryo had the potential of becoming either a male or female. Male and female mammalian embryos start out along a common developmental pathway which, for a short while, has the potential to produce either male or female anatomy (around week...

Why an Innovation System is not enough.


Systems view reality in a mechanical way. While reality is made up of both artifacts (‘mechanical’) and nature’s pure creations , by fiction and non-fiction. Systemic view is a good map of understanding reality, but just a map, a lens. Same with the topic of organizational innovation. When you view innovation or creativity through only one such lens, you miss the whole view...

Employees love innovating. Stop these 3 behaviours to keep their love.


During my last 4 years of corporate training and business coaching on innovation I’ve seen and heard more than 1,500 employees and managers complaining about innovation not working within their environment. This is what I found: #1. not really listening to new ideas, #2. rules instead of limits, #3. forcing versus liberating. Stop doing all these 3 in order to have your employees love innovating...

Integral creativity


How can masterful executive coaching unlock creativity in an executive leader? What are the specific competencies of an ICF master coach helping his clients become more creative? An integral definition of creativity People already wrote everything about inner creativity, creative spirit, innovation within organizations, etc. In 2016 I elaborated the theory of “integral creativity and...

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

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