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Artificial intelligence destroys coaching. Long live the new coaching.


Artificial intelligence kills the coaching industry as we know it. As you read these lines, smart people create even smarter algorithms that will coach you democratically for very little money. Coaching is democratizing, universalizing and, in some places, deprofessionalizing. At first, the following research scared me, and then I was delighted. In this article you will discover what...

7x Leadership Coaching Efficiency. 13 Scientific Proofs.


The vast majority of those who have heard of coaching but also many of those who have benefited from coaching services do not know what coaching is (2022 Global Consumer Awareness Study). Coaching is (ICF definition) “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” The topics, objections, and legitimate...

The coach is a partner. The six traits of a successful partner coach.


When I pursued my ambitions alone, sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. When I worked with a coach, I was always successful. I have always tended to do everything I set out to do on my own, to work solely on my development, and pursue my professional ambitions myself. Only the fact that some projects necessarily involved working with someone else forced me to turn to professionals in...

Professional coaching increases attention control, the key skill in leading people.


Awareness and attention control At the neurophysiological level, awareness is a process that takes almost 1 second (about 900ms). With training, an individual can become aware of more things in this first second than usual. Professional coaching increases the client’s awareness in a subtle way. This article aims at explaining the benefits of higher awareness and mindfulness for leaders, and how...

Coaching, Created By Nature


“A riverbed is structured in such a way that the water flows along a path of least resistance. As more water is added, the flow gains momentum, and the general force of all the water moving along that structure increases.” (Robert Fritz, The path of least resistance, Butterworth Heinemann, 1994, p.222). Firstly, as a process, coaching is such a riverbed. It ensures the flow of your...

The 3 steps to personal alignment : clarify mission (heartset), create vision (mindset), execute strategy (bodyset)


Any stool needs at least three legs. What emerges when you alchemically combine motivation, vision, and strategy? An aligned stool. Life’s stool. I used to sit on this kind of three-legged stools when I was young. My grandparents had these and we would all sit on them, gathered around a round table. The stools were also round, lowered, small, and nicely hand-carved from wood, with a recess that...

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

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