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AuthorGeorge Bragadireanu

Master Certified Coach ICF I help high-level leaders optimize their thinking and behavior to get the results they want.

Artificial intelligence destroys coaching. Long live the new coaching.


Artificial intelligence kills the coaching industry as we know it. As you read these lines, smart people create even smarter algorithms that will coach you democratically for very little money. Coaching is democratizing, universalizing and, in some places, deprofessionalizing. At first, the following research scared me, and then I was delighted. In this article you will discover what...

What is beyond success? A map of possibilities for leaders at the peak of their performance.


1. Intro This article is for you especially if you have reached your level of work in which you can say: I have had, I have, and I will always be able to be successful; Success is mostly due to me, and sometimes it was accompanied by opportunities, chances, the right people; I manage to get what I usually put in my mind.   If you have reached this level (“Achiever”), you have...

The 2 leadership meta-skills you can develop in one year to become your best version


What leadership skills do you need to develop? You will find thousands of articles on this topic. But basically, you never start from scratch, by developing all kinds of skills at once. You only need to know there are several such skills helping you get all the rest. There’s no fixed set of leadership skills, either; instead, you may concentrate on the ones you need to reach your goals...

Beyond heroic leadership


We live in a world full of ‘childish’ explicit expressions: hero based blockbusters, Santas bringing gifts, leaders running businesses and nations as (mostly) patriarchs. Our shared stories contain heroic deeds and there’s also The Hero With A Thousand Faces or Hero’s Journey. Our favorite music bands have ‘frontmen’, we have ‘founding fathers’ (not...

7x Leadership Coaching Efficiency. 13 Scientific Proofs.


The vast majority of those who have heard of coaching but also many of those who have benefited from coaching services do not know what coaching is (2022 Global Consumer Awareness Study). Coaching is (ICF definition) “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” The topics, objections, and legitimate...

The coach is a partner. The six traits of a successful partner coach.


When I pursued my ambitions alone, sometimes I was successful, sometimes not. When I worked with a coach, I was always successful. I have always tended to do everything I set out to do on my own, to work solely on my development, and pursue my professional ambitions myself. Only the fact that some projects necessarily involved working with someone else forced me to turn to professionals in...

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

George Bragadireanu

Master Certified Coach ICF
I help high-level leaders optimize their thinking and behavior to get the results they want.

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