I ask you challenging questions to provoke conformity and bring back the creative spark of your values.


Optimism, Actionable Insights, Learning, Creativity, Attention to Values, Listening


Professional Coaching

Professional Certified Coach (PCC) within the International Coaching Federation (ICF) since 2018, with 2500 coaching hours.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coach & Transpersonal Coach (London, Performance Consultants International), 2011-2012

NLP Coaching

European Master NLPt Coach (Bucharest, Mindmaster), 2013-2015

Leadership Values Consultant

Certified by Richard Barrett Values Center in London in 2019 as an international evolutionary consultant and coach, able to use Cultural Transformation Tools for organisational assessments and leadership development.

Integral Coaching

Integral Professional Coach (Ottawa, Integral Coaching Canada), 2014-2016


Corporate Activity

1999 – 2012

10 years of managerial experience, 13 years of career in international financial corporations, in functions like sales, risk and human resources.


  • “Black, Slightly Grey, And White”, poems, 2000, Briliant Publishing House
  • “The Leadership Spark: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership”, Black Card Books, 2016


2012 – future

  • Independent facilitator and coach since 2012.
  • Translator of 3 books, in the field of leadership (“Radical Sincerity” by Kim Scott), coaching (“The Coaching Habit” by Bungay Stanier) and innovation (“Intuition” by Bernadette Jiwa), all for “Publica” Publishing House
  • Funder of the 3rd edition of the book “Coaching for Performance” by Sir John Whitmore (“Publica” Publishing House)
  • Producer of a double audio CD dedicated to managerial coaching, “Coaching 4 Managers”
  • Producer of the only Romanian smartphone application dedicated to coaching for managers, “Coaching 4 Managers”


Postgraduate and master’s studies in economics, political science and mathematics


I am 45 years old, I live in Bucharest with my wife, Anca and our two children. We like to read a lot, ride a bike everywhere, do sports and recycle everything in the hope of a cleaner planet. I like the arts and scientific discoveries, psychology and science fiction, to write and do sports.