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I am George Bragadireanu and herein below you will find everything you need to decide whether I can be your coach. 

My most successful and coaching-ready clients are: 

  • Educated-they strive to become better and invest in developing their craft
  • Disciplined-they know that practice makes perfect and think in terms of plans, structures, strategies, and steps
  • Smart-working-they strive for efficiency and effectiveness in everything they do
  • Courageous-they are ready to make anything to better themselves, including getting out of their ways
  • Humble-they know they are few, rare, and marginal in today’s world, and they advance despite this

They are not political, mischievous, lacking common sense, ill-intended, disinterested, arrogant, victimizing, lacking control, believing in magic, or not appreciating formal education.

They are interested to:

  • develop their abilities
  • advance their craft, profession, and mastery
  • explore their potential
  • change their behaviors
  • help humanity
  • leave a legacy of purposeful work

My clients’ usual leadership coaching goals relate to improving communication, career transitions, business productivity, well-being, and self-confidence.

When we partner, my role as a professional ICF coach is to:

  • Ask questions to help you clarify what you want;
  • Show you your cognitive biases blocking the achievement of what you want and the manifestation of your strengths;
  • Ask questions to trigger new perspectives and solutions;
  • Give you proper mind tools to communicate, listen, decide, and ideate better, understand more, become more aware, and increase your self-confidence.

As you can infer from the above-mentioned available behaviors and capabilities, I am not an expert in your domain or role. I am an expert in listening, defining goals, spotting strengths, motivation and performance psychology, and the psychology of ability acquisition. Coaching is a transdisciplinary profession ensuring your accompaniment when you aim at fulfilling your vision and a bridge between where you are and where you want to be in terms of performance. 

Together, we will:

  • Transform your goals and ambitions into a powerful vision. Sometimes we clarify it by employing evaluations, 360s, or stakeholders interviews;
  • Create an action plan for it;
  • Gather and employ resources;
  • Measure the progress of the action plan toward the vision. Sometimes others measure your progress through pulse feedback, and sometimes they also give you ideas and options for continuation through pulse feedforward;
  • Celebrate the learning and accomplishments.


I will offer you:

  • My expertise: see below;
  • My experience: in a nutshell analogy, since 2011, I continuously coached a client a week, an hour each day, seven days in a row
  • A trusting relationship: I was said to be able to build trusting relationships and coaching sessions by my former clients
  • My positive regard: I continuously search for your strengths, optimism, and self-confidence
  • My provocative listening: I listen up to the point where you inflict yourself, get in your way, and continue to stumble upon your edges, blind spots, and weaknesses
  • Confidentiality: I abide by the International Coaching Federation Code of Ethics 
  • Professionalism: beyond cultural norms, ideologies, methodologies, or thinking vogues and memes, there are several scientifically proven and empirically demonstrated conditions for competence acquisition, behavioral change, and performance. As a professional coach, I only rely upon a science and evidence-based approach to coaching;
  • Security of services: I ensured my services at the most respectable professional insurer in the world, Lloyd’s Insurance, at a premium value so that we can rest assured and be confident in the impact of what I say and do in our sessions.


My expertise

  • Career as a corporate director for more than a decade at multinational financial institutions where I had responsibilities in managing 100mio EUR client credit portfolios or leading sales and L&D teams;
  • My formal education is in economics, mathematics, communication, and political science;
  • I am a Cornell and Harvard continuous executive education alumni;
  • My preparation at the four international coaching schools: Performance Consultants International in London, Integral Coaching Canada, Barrett Values Centre in London, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholders Centered Coaching, and Mindmaster in Bucharest/ Vienna
  • My continued preparation in systemic coaching, logotherapy, integral meta-theory, neurolinguistic programming, existential coaching, psychology of leadership, and leadership decision-making
  • My interest in education as an author on how to lead business innovation, The Leadership Spark: The New Integral Technique To Ignite Your Creative, Innovative, And Strategic Leadership.
  • And my life experience as I passed many transitions myself: had quit smoking, became vegetarian, changed jobs four times, and became an entrepreneur. 


On a more personal note, I love jazz, sci-fi, rocket launches, and doing all kinds of sports. 

I am ready to offer you a confidential space-time to jointly identify, clarify and make creative steps toward your vision.

The Leadership Spark Creative Leadership Coaching

George Bragadireanu

Master Certified Coach ICF
I help high-level leaders optimize their thinking and behavior to get the results they want.

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