In this article, there are three usual ideas you can start to implement for your company to become more inclusive in terms of listening, leadership, innovation.

Example 1: Guess who identified the most important innovation that led to millions in annualized savings? It was a patient care assistant.

Example 2: “When we pack and sterilize the pallets to be sent to Europe versus other parts of the world, it takes us at least double the time it does for other geographies. Why is that?”

Example 3: A series of global teams were launched to tackle critical priorities like speed and innovation. One team member, rated in the bottom quintile of performance for years, realized an eight figure annualized cost savings for the business.

Does your organization systematically celebrate these types of wins or new ways of working and thinking? How often does your organization reinforce the importance that everyone can and must contribute their ideas to stay competitive? Do your people feel comfortable experimenting with the status quo, even if it means falling down and scraping their knee, only to get back up and try again?