A single image + 5 short sentences explaining what’s integral innovation.

Image: Upper Left Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and innovation are sparked if employees believe they are creative, curious and playful in nding solutions to an ardent problem which they consider is theirs. As a leader, you have to get people to trust their natural creativity. Upper Right Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and [...] Read More

ENTy: a case of integral innovation.

I met her at TEDx Bucharest, a fine place to encounter fine people. She was emotional on stage presenting her invention but had a visible strength, given the stake she targeted: solving a medical issue affecting milions of people worldwide. Afterwards, we exchanged some words and I proposed her to have a more detailed interview […]

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About Integral

What means 'integral'? Imagine you are looking through this window which has four panes of glass. If you look through each one of the panes, you see just 25% of the reality beyond the window. Through each of the four panes, you see only part of reality. Sometimes, we view life in an extremely self-centered [...] Read More