Why swarm A.I. is more creative than Jeff Bezos?

Jeff Bezos tweeted in June that he wanted short-term, high-impact ways to do social good and Unanimous A.I. deployed its swarm A.I. platform to put 46,000 suggestions to a vote, using a method inspired by how bees swarm. This is an article on how swarm A.I. gets closer to 'integral, natural creativity' and what this means [...] Read More

A single image + 5 short sentences explaining what’s integral innovation.

Image: Upper Left Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and innovation are sparked if employees believe they are creative, curious and playful in nding solutions to an ardent problem which they consider is theirs. As a leader, you have to get people to trust their natural creativity. Upper Right Quadrant definition of innovation: Business creativity and [...] Read More

ENTy: a case of integral innovation.

I met her at TEDx Bucharest, a fine place to encounter fine people. She was emotional on stage presenting her invention but had a visible strength, given the stake she targeted: solving a medical issue affecting milions of people worldwide. Afterwards, we exchanged some words and I proposed her to have a more detailed interview […]

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