The 4 videos you have to watch to understand #integral #business #innovation

Introduction Open technology; the dissemination of power from nodes to a network; companies which access ecosystems rather than resources; artificially intelligent ads which self-create themselves; and self-organizing traffic lights – all of these are expressions of the falling of boundaries. Apparently, nature does not operate in opposites. It comes united, but we set boundaries. We [...] Read More

How do you conquer the Everest of #business #innovation. 7 #integral steps.

Creativity and #innovation (especially the disruptive type) is so scarce that it would be pitiful to waste any possibility to get it. Scarce is also the possibility to reach the summits in Everest. From the integral point of view (Ken Wilber – AQAL), any business should be viewed as a mix of individuals, culture, individual deeds […]

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