Integral Coach

Coach Certifications

George Bragadireanu is internationally certified as Executive Performance and Transpersonal Coach by Sir. John Whitmore. He also holds a certification as Integral Professional Coach by Integral Coaching Canada and as an Associate Certified Coach by I.C.F. Following a thorough preparation he is now also a NLPt Master Practitioner Coach certified by EUCF and EANLPT.

Coaching Style

George is challenging international executives, CINOs and senior managers in their pursuit of finding innovative solutions to their dilemmas. He invites his clients to take journeys into the darkness, coaching them to see with the clarity of their own sharp headlight beam.

George¬†usually¬†wears colorful socks and colorful wristwatches on his right hand. He believes that creativity comes from doing the ‚Äėwrong‚Äô stuff, taking the ‚Äėwrong‚Äô roads, and wearing the opposite mindset. George¬†comes from a creative culture, built upon the intersection of many different ways of life. He has spent 40 years in search of ways people might be creative.

George is father of 2 and a happy husband to his now 20 years partner in life, Anca. He was a banking senior and is also dealing with writing poems and prose, theatrical improvisation, contemporary dancing, and he is an ultra-marathon vegan trail runner.


George Bragadireanu Integral Coach