Leading Innovation / The Holacratic Way

Introduction When we talk about leading innovation and about the most adequate leadership system in which the employees of a company can be extremely creative and generate remarkable innovation, we are talking about a type of leadership system that is almost non-existent nowadays. It is that type of leadership that ensures both freedom and adequate [...] Read More

The 4 videos you have to watch to understand #integral #business #innovation

Introduction Open technology; the dissemination of power from nodes to a network; companies which access ecosystems rather than resources; artificially intelligent ads which self-create themselves; and self-organizing traffic lights – all of these are expressions of the falling of boundaries. Apparently, nature does not operate in opposites. It comes united, but we set boundaries. We [...] Read More

An Integral Map Of Some Of The Best Innovation Books

I love innovation. And creativity. And read everything on the matter.Each of the books below is one of the best innovation books. After almost 10 years of researching the subject, I’ve come to the realization that each of the books I read is aiming at explaining what creativity and innovation are through 1 or more […]

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