The 4 videos you have to watch to understand #integral #business #innovation

Introduction Open technology; the dissemination of power from nodes to a network; companies which access ecosystems rather than resources; artificially intelligent ads which self-create themselves; and self-organizing traffic lights – all of these are expressions of the falling of boundaries. Apparently, nature does not operate in opposites. It comes united, but we set boundaries. We [...] Read More

FREE 2-hour Face to Face Integral Coaching Session on your Leadership Innovation Style, anywhere in the world (pay only for the round trip and 1 night accommodation)

What can you expect from our coaching? You will benefit from our meeting if you want to know: *How to ensure a successful entering of a new market through innovating *How to tap into the new opportunities through innovating *How to tap into key innovation capabilities of your employees *How to remain disruptive despite governmental […]

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FREE How-To 4 parts video on Integral Innovation for Your Company

Offer In this video series, you will discover what integral innovation is. Introduction Today, we are facing a convergence of many systems for organising work, leadership, production and consumption, from instinctual-based to holacratic ones. And still, creativity has to do with conditions which are perennial. A seed contains everything it needs to be creative, to [...] Read More
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